China International Studies

No.58, May/June 2016

来源: China International Studies    作者:    时间: 2016-06-28

Towards a New Type of Cooperative and Win-Win International Relations

Ruan Zongze

The connectivity and interdependence between China and the international community has never been closer. Under such a context, building a new type of cooperative and win-win international relations faces both rare historic opportunities and severe challenges.


New Situation in the Economic and Trade Cooperation and Competition between China and the US

Zhen Bingxi

Since the financial crisis, Sino-US trade and economic cooperation has been strengthened. However, competition is also prominent, with frictions emerging from time to time. There is now a new situation in this field.


Myanmar’s Presidential Election and the Country’s Future Political Trajectory

Guo Jiguang

Htin Kyaw from the National League for Democracy was elected the new president of Myanmar, securing an overwhelming majority of votes in Parliament. However, there are still many unanswered questions concerning Myanmar’s political trans-formation.


Outlook on Domestic and Foreign Policies of Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet and China-Japan Relations

Liu Jiangyong

Looking at the prospects for China-Japan relations, it is necessary to take into consideration the current bilateral situation, the changes in bilateral relations over the past 70 years and the domestic and foreign policy trends of Abe’s Cabinet.


Debate on US China Policy

Tao Wenzhao

Currently, a debate about the country’s China policy among hard-liners, accom-modators and those who advocate maintaining the current policy is underway in the United States, which is the biggest and the most significant since 1989 and will have a huge impact on the future of Sino-US relations.


Strengthening Regional Order in the Asia-Pacific: An Analysis of China-Japan-US Perspectives

Shen Yamei

After reviewing the commonalities and differences between the three countries, the paper identifies the hidden challenges and potential opportunities for their interactions, and contributes some thinking on how to strengthen the regional order.


New Trend of Terrorism and the International Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

Dong Manyuan

The diversification of interest orientations of nations led to the absence of joint efforts on international anti-terrorism cooperation. The prospects of international anti-terrorism cooperation will remain severe and complex in 2016.


How Can LMC Gain Prominence among Mechanisms in the Mekong River Region?

Lu Guangsheng

China established the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) with countries along the Mekong River in March 2016. The author suggests that five aspects should be tackled if China wants to gain prominence among numerous mechanisms in a region known for “mechanism congestion.”


Eurasian Economic Union: Achievements, Problems and Prospects

Li Ziguo

Progresses have been made after the EEU was put into operation in 2015. However, the huge differences between the member states indicate the union is short of cohesion, and its prospects are not optimistic.