President's Message



Welcome to the website of the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS)!


The CIIS was founded in 1956first think tank of its kind in China, and the only one attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China.


With research focused primarily on international and regional issues of strategic importance, the CIIS provides insights and policy solutions directly to the Chinese Foreign Ministry. It is also an entrusted channel for Track II diplomacy; and further serves as a platform for public diplomacy.


Over the years, the CIIS has built up a solid academic library and information center, an extensive international network of professional contact and exchange, and what is more, a fine and able research team consisting of both seasoned diplomats and dedicated scholars.


The 21st century global landscape witnesses great changes, presenting optimal opportunities and paramount challenges. Chinese diplomacy endeavors for sustained world peace and development, an aim that requires shared responsibility of all global villagers. For this end, the CIIS stands ready to enhance its close cooperation with fellow research institutions worldwide.


This website is expected to serve as a window of information and also a bridge of contact. Wish you an enjoyable visit to it, and your comments and suggestions will always be appreciated.

Su Ge

 President of CIIS