President Qi Zhenhong Attended the Virtual Panel on Statecraft in the 21st Century: Policy Coordination on Tradinational and Non-Traditional Security Threats

CIIS | 作者: CIIS | 时间: 2020-05-22 | 责编: 赵旭磊
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On May 20, at the invitation of National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP), President Qi Zhenhong attended the virtual panel on the subject of Statecraft in the 21st Century: Policy Coordination on Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Threats. The virtual panel was co-organized by NCAFP and Japan Society. Ms. Susan. M. Elliott, President & CEO of NCAFP, delivered opening remarks. During the panel, President Qi Zhenhong; Mr. Kanehara Nobukatsu, Senior Advisor of The Asia Group and Distinguished Research Fellow of Japan Forum on International Relations; Ambassador Oh Joon, Professor of United Nations Studies of Kyung Hee University; Ambassador Kathleen Stephens, President & CEO of Korea Economic Institute in America and Chair of the Board of The Korea Society; Dr. Joshua Walker, President & CEO of Japan Society had indepth discussions about the international situation in the face of COVID-19, traditional and non-traditional security issues, global governance and Sino-US cooperation, etc. Jia Xiudong, Research Fellow of Department for International and Strategic Studies, Liu Qing, Director of Department for Asia-Pacific Studies, Shen Yamei, Deputy Director of Department for American Studies attended the meeting.

President Qi Zhenhong

The Virtual Panel