CIIS Releases the "China and the World" Report Series, No.9

CIIS | 作者: CIIS | 时间: 2020-05-13 | 责编: 赵旭磊
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Under the principle of “capital first”, the United States government missed the best opportunity to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning, resulting in a fullblown outbreak in the US and making itself the worst-affected country in the world.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus not only caused a loss of lives and property, but also had a profound impact on the U.S. economy, presidential election, China-U.S. relations, etc. On the economic front, it dealt a direct blow to the US manufacturing and service industries, with stock market plummeting, unemployment rising, and years-long robust economic growth heading toward a downturn. On the political front, the impact of the COVID-19 on the US domestic politics, especially the 2020 presidential election, is gradually emerging, casting a shadow on the previous relatively clear election situation. On the diplomatic front, the US unilateralism caused tensions in its relationship with European countries, and its “blaming game” not only polluted the China-US relations but also put up obstacles for their cooperation in response to the pandemic.

This report is divided into six parts. In addition to the Introduction and Conclusion, the other four parts focus on analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. economy, politics, China-U.S. relations and other aspects. The report argues that everyone is equal in front of the virus, and big talks and lies are futile in fighting the pandemic.

The report stresses that in the face of the pandemic, the only choice for a responsible country is to adhere to the principle of “life first” by putting people’s lives first in the fight against the pandemic. Only by strengthening cooperation, can the two countries make due contributions to the final defeat of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, CIIS has recently set up a research group chaired by President Qi Zhenhong to closely follow the COVID-19 pandemic and conduct relative researches. Hereby, we are releasing the ninth edition of the report series:US-Style Fighting Against COVID-19:Capital First or Life First?

PDF Version: "China and the World Report Series,No.9"