CIIS Releases the "China and the World" Report Series, No.8

CIIS | 作者: CIIS | 时间: 2020-04-26 | 责编:
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       COVID-19 is a common enemy for China and Europe. The virus respects no borders. China and Europe are both victims of the pandemic although different epidemic prevention measures are being taken due to differences in national conditions, systems and capabilities.

       Solidarity between China and Europe has played a positive role in addressing the common threat. When COVID-19 broke out in China, European countries and the European Union (EU) did not only express their sympathy to China, but also provide China with strong material support out of friendship. In return, when Europe was later affected by the pandemic, China tried its best to meet the needs across Europe for medical supplies in the spirit of international humanitarianism and reciprocity. The solidarity reflects the good will on both sides and the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, and enriches the connotations of the China-Europe relations.

       At present, the spread of the pandemic has apparently slowed down in China but it is still surging in Europe. It is imperative for both sides to accumulate further knowledge of COVID-19 and the course of the pandemic, so we must learn from each other and share information, experience and expertise. More concerted efforts are needed to safeguard people’s health, ensure people’s livelihood, strengthen economic resilience and guarantee the integrity of supply chains. To address the pressing challenges, we must promote consensus and enhance mutual trust to purify the environment of international public opinion, prevent the dissemination of false information, stop politicizing the epidemic and stigmatizing certain countries. Last but not least, we must remain committed to multilateralism, maintain the international order, and bring innovation to global public health governance to improve the well-being of mankind.

       In this regard, CIIS has recently set up a research group chaired by President Qi Zhenhong to closely follow the COVID-19 pandemic and conduct relative researches. Hereby, we are releasing the eighth edition of the report series: China-Europe Solidarity in Fighting COVID-19 with a Shared Commitment to Safeguard Human Health.

PDF Version: "China and the World" Report Series, No.8