CIIS Releases the "China and the World" Report Series, No.1

CIIS | 作者: CIIS | 时间: 2020-03-27 | 责编:
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After the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, President Xi Jinping, personally directed and deployed for the containment of COVID-19. He proposed the guideline for the prevention and control work—“boosting confidence and unity, and taking resolute, science-based and targeted actions.” Domestically, China has coordinated joint prevention and control, ensured the supply of daily necessities, promoted scientific research, adopted various control measures by the law, advanced its capability of social governance, gave full play to its institutional advantage and adopted region-specific prevention and control measures. Internationally, China has been sharing its experience and enhancing international cooperation in science and technology; it has sought for medical resources to guarantee supplies, provided necessary assistance to fulfill its responsibility as a major country, and told Chinese stories to arouse resonance. With China’s unremitting efforts, its fight against COVID-19 has shown visible progress and the overall status is stabilized and improved.

Along with the overall epidemic containment, China, under the unified leadership and guidance of the CPC Central Committee, is gradually resuming the work and production of the whole industrial chain, which shows the great resilience of the Chinese economy. With concerted efforts, China bagan to smmoth travels and logistics channels as guided by “eight requirements on resumption of work and production.” President Xi Jinping pointed out that at such a time it is even more important to view China's development in a comprehensive, dialectical and long-term perspective and firm up confidence. In general, the fundamentals of China’s long-term sound economic growth remain unchanged while the short-term impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak are generally controllable, Xi said.

China has coordinated the prevention and control work with the economic and social development, which has taken good effect in a short time and won extensive endorsement and heartfelt appreciation across the world. Leaders and high-level officials from a number of countries, heads of many international organizations and leaders of multiple parties around the world have conveyed their sincere compliment for China’s strong and effective measures against the epidemic. They spoke highly of China’s unique institutional strength and expressed their confidence in China’s victory to battle against the epidemic and restore its normal social and economic operations in China. The international community shares the view that the speed, intensity, and scope of China's epidemic response are rarely seen in the world, and China has demonstrated its strong leadership, response, mobilization and implementation capabilities.

China will continue to make new and bigger contributions to global public health governance and to the vision of constructing a community with a shared future for mankind. During the fight against the epidemic, China has fulfilled its commitment to the International Health Regulations (IHR). China has adopted many strong and effective prevention and control measures, many of which are well beyond what is required by the IHR, and demonstrated a keen sense of responsibility as a major country. China has worked closely with relevant international organizations, neighboring countries, and other countries concerned, injected positive energy into global epidemic control, and offered useful references for the joint global response to the epidemic. Meanwhile, China’s fight against irrational containment measures, radical statements, and overreactions has eliminated “political virus,” cleared the way for a joint global response, and showed its sense of responsibility and commitment to establishing new major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics for a new era. China has set up a good example for nations across the world in fighting against the epidemic, accumulated beneficial experience, provided significant references, and established standards for the international community to address crises caused by infectious diseases and advance global public health governance.

In this regard, CIIS has recently set up a research group chaired by President Qi Zhenhong to closely follow the COVID-19 pandemic and conduct relative researches. Hereby, we are releasing the first edition of the report series: China’s Fight against COVID-19 Measures, Achievements and Responsibilities.

PDF Version:  “China and the World” Report Series,No.1