CIIS Releases the "China and the World" Report Series, No.2

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The COVID-19 has not only posed a critical threat to the safety and health of the Chinese people, but also a serious challenge to global public health. Therefore, the Chinese government, committed to the wellbeing and safety of its people and the rest of the world, has taken comprehensive, thorough and strict prevention and control measures against the epidemic (now declared a pandemic). Meanwhile, the Chinese people have been standing united, helping each other and fighting the virus together. China has succeeded in containing the epidemic outbreak in Hubei Province and preventing a wider spread in the country.

Since the outbreak, the Chinese government and people have been fighting at the forefront of the war against the virus. The whole nation has been mobilized to take on severe challenges, a multiplicity of prevention and control measures have been implemented with strong determination, and a range of effective solutions have been taken to address various difficulties. China’s success in containing COVID-19, at a very high social and economic cost, has gained invaluable time for the global response. China has played our role as a responsible major country, and honored our commitment to a community with a shared future for mankind.

In prompt response to the epidemic outbreak, China has adopted multiple prevention and control measures and put them into practice, which has produced obvious results and won China worldwide acclaim. The epidemic situation in China is improving, economic recovery is accelerating, and social activities are resuming and normalizing. For the prevention and control of the virus, China has shifted from “national unified requirements” to “region-specific and multi-level targeted approach”. It is high time to summarize, review and distill the practices and experience that have proved successful since the outbreak of the epidemic, which will help all countries in the world overcome the coronavirus together. The measures taken by the Chinese government and people since the outbreak cover multiple fields such as politics, society, medicine, science, technology, economy and diplomacy. In short, they include:

1. Strengthening confidence, exercising strong leadership and establishing a complete epidemic response mechanism;

2. Putting people first, uniting the nation to safeguard people's life, health and safety;

3. Responding quickly, using the science-based approach to prevention and control, and updating the diagnosis and treatment protocol;

4. Tailoring measures to local conditions and implementing targeted policies to ensure that the prevention and control efforts are good fit and effective;

5. Promoting information transparency and knowledge sharing to raise the public awareness of COVID-19;

6. Allocating resources, ensuring adequate medical supplies in hard-hit areas, and trying to rescue people against all odds;

7. Using high-tech and data analytics to make well informed prevention, treatment and control decisions;

8. Providing policy and financial support to enterprises and people affected by the epidemic;

9. Delivering strong support and guarantee measures to ensure safe resumption of economic activities and help people get back to their normal way of life as soon as possible; and

10. Enhancing international cooperation, standing in solidarity to fight the coronavirus.

China's experience and lessons learned can be distilled in 10 key words/phrases: speed, strength, transparency, responsibility, coordination, overall planning, science and technology, balance, cooperation, and timely remedy.

The battle against COVID-19 is a great practice of President Xi’s vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind. It has already been proved that it is impossible for any city or country to combat this highly infectious coronavirus alone. As all countries around the world belong to a community that shares weal and woe, solidarity is the only weapon to defend global public health security and the wellbeing of all human beings.

In this regard, CIIS has recently set up a research group chaired by President Qi Zhenhong to closely follow the COVID-19 pandemic and conduct relative researches. Hereby, we are releasing the second edition of the report series: China's COVID-19 Response Measures as Global Public Goods.

PDF Version:  “China and the World” Report Series,No.2