A Message from Ambassador QI Zhenhong

CIIS | 作者: | 时间: 2018-01-16 | 责编: 李敏捷
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First of all, let me welcome you to the website of the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) on behalf of all our staff.


Founded in 1956, CIIS was the first think tank specialized in foreign policy and international studies in the People's Republic of China. And it has been the only one of its kind attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Over the course of sixty-two years since its founding, CIIS has worked in close coordination with China's frontline diplomatic work, conducted in-depth research on major international issues with a prospective awareness, strategic vision, and policy orientation, thus making a significant contribution to the vigorous development of China's diplomacy. CIIS has established a broad exchange network both domestically and internationally, cultivated a proud research echelon of high character, solid expertise, rich experience and reasonable structure. CIIS also has another valuable asset and robust pillar for research in the systematic collection of academic books, periodicals and materials that have been accumulated throughout the years.

In the face of today's world characterized by major development, transformation and adjustment, of the big changes rarely seen in a hundred years, and of the new tasks and new requirements of building socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era, CIIS seeks to fulfill its threefold mission of being the research base of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, a major channel of Track-Two Diplomacy, and the important platform of public diplomacy. We will stay true to our original aspirations, keeping a pure heart of staunch loyalty, a strong enterprise, great motivation as well as an acute sense of responsibility. We will continue to be creative and innovative, forge ahead and make further progress in writing new chapters of major-country diplomacy with distinctive Chinese features.

This website is a window for you to observe the ebbs and flows of international situation. It is a bridge leading you to the boundless research realm of international issues. It is also a hub of rich and colorful exchange activities betweenChinaand foreign countries. Furthermore, here you can join a virtual academic forum where the most state-of-the-art findings and incisive insights of the CIIS research team are presented.

I sincerely wish you enjoy your visit to this website, and you will find here the updated analyses of world affairs and interpretation of China's foreign policy. We look forward to all-round exchange and cooperation with colleagues and friends at home and abroad. Through bringing about more communications and deliberations on how to resolve international issues and achieve world development, and through learning from each other, we hope to increase mutual understanding, deepen friendship, and on that basis jointly develop a new type of international relations, and build a community of shared future for mankind.


Qi Zhenhong

President of CIIS