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The 7th China-Nordic Thinktank Roundtable successfully held in Norway

CIIS Time:09 11, 2017 Writer:Cui Hongjian Editor:罗程

The 7th China-Nordic Thinktank Roundtable was held in Oslo, Norway from September 6th to 9th. The roundtable was co-organized by CIIS and Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). More than 30 experts and researchers from both sides attended. The Chinese delegation was comprised of researchers from CIIS, CASS, CICIR, SIIS, BFSU, CFAU and CCTB and the Nordic participants include directors of major thinktanks in Nordic five countries. The roundtable has seen an in-depth discussion around global and regional issues, economic and security issues and China-Nordic cooperation. A public event was also organized, where roundtable participants had a lively interaction and discussion with the audience on China Europe trade and economic cooperation, international security and global governance.

This roundtable is the first high-level thinktank exchange event after the normalization of China Norway diplomatic relations, and thus has received special attention and dedication from Norway. A reception was hosted by Norwegian MFA General Seccretary Wegger Chr Strømmen and Chinese Ambassador to Norway WANG Ming also attended. This roundtable is also part of the thinktank element in China-Nordic subregional cooperation initiative and Kenneth BromanChief of Staff from the Office of the Secretary General of Nordic Council of Ministers addressed the public event and expressed enthusiasm towards China-Nordic cooperation. A China-Norway session was also included where both sides provided valuable suggestions on future China-Norway relations.