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EU Foreign Policy in Transition: Pragmatically Coping with Challenges

CIIS Time: Jun 3, 2016 Writer: Jin Ling Editor: Wang Qiang


This book is authored by Dr. Jin Ling, an associate research fellow at Dept. for European Studies, CIIS. In this book, she uses the theoretical framework of foreign policy analysis to explore the reasons and concrete manifestations of EU foreign policy transition. The analysis is based on the following premise, i.e. EU’s foreign policy capability is influenced by policy context, decision-making institutions and policy tools. Against the backdrop of global power shift, the increasing division of EU foreign policy actors and increasingly prominent constraints of foreign policy tools, the European Union has readjusted its foreign policy objectives and priorities, and in general, EU’s foreign policy is shifting toward pragmatism.

The book is divided into six chapters. The first four chapters expound on the key elements of EU’s foreign policy, driving forces of EU foreign policy readjustment and the policy shift toward pragmatism. The last two chapters are case studies, focusing on the adjustment of EU’s Africa policy and Sino-European pragmatic cooperation respectively.

The book was published in Beijing by World Affairs Press in December 2015.