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No.8 - New Progress of the TPP Negotiations and Strategic Considerations of the Parties Concerned

CIIS Time: Nov 2, 2015 Writer: Jiang Yuechun, Zhang Mei & Li Xiaoyu Editor: Wang Qiang



      This report consists of six parts. The first part explains the emergence of TPP and its latest progress as well as difficulties in the course of negotiation. Till now, more than 20 rounds of negotiation have been completed, covering various topics, such as tariff reduction and exemption. The second part centers on the important implications that TPP may bring about on future international economic and trade patterns. The third part focuses on the purpose of the United States in joining TPP negotiations, which is to lead the process of Asia-Pacific regional cooperation, shape a new order in favor of developed countries, and to set future-oriented international rules. The fourth part analyzes Japan’s intention in joining TPP talks, which is to further strengthen its alliance with the United States and to contain China’s influence in East Asia. The fifth part expounds different situations and individual considerations of ASEAN member states in joining TPP negotiations from the perspective of Asia-Pacific regional integration, and presents an analysis of the prospect of RCEP, an ASEAN-centered regional FTA. The last part mainly offers policy alternatives for China.


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