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China-US-Russia Trilateral Meeting Held in CIIS

CIIS Time: Jun 17, 2014 Writer: 何丹 Editor: 何丹

On June 10-11, CIIS and Center on International Cooperation, New York University jointly held China-US-Russia Trilateral Dialogue on Afghanistan. Dr. Xu Jian, Director of CIIS Academic Council chaired the conference. The trilateral dialogue invited nearly 30 scholars and officials, including participants from Institute of Strategic Studies of National Defense University, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), US Department of State, US Secretary of Defense, the Brookings Institution, Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of Russian Academy of Sciences, and Moscow State Institute of International Relations. The Dialogue carried out in-depth discussions on the Afghanistan Elections, Drugs and Security Post-2014, Regional Framework, Istanbul Process, and Potential for Cooperation.

Prior to the meeting, Mr. Yang Yi, Secretary General of CIIS met with Mr. Barnett Rubin, Director of Center on International Cooperation of New York University. They discussed matters concerned with the future cooperation between the two institutions.

During the meeting, CIIS Vice President Ruan Zongze met with Mr. Ali Ahmad Jalali, Distinguished Scholar of Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies and the Former Interior Minister of Afghanistan. They exchanged views on issues such as expectations for the Afghanistan election.