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Cooperation and Competition - The Commonalities and Differences among BRICS Countries' Interests

CIIS Time: Aug 2, 2012 Writer: Wang Qiang Editor: Office of Research Management

Cooperation and Competition - The Commonalities and Differences among BRICS Countries' Interests

CIIS Annual Research Project (2012)

Chairperson: Xu Jianguo

Duration: April 2012 to April 2013


The development and cooperation among BRICS countries is not only a big issue in world politics and economy in recent years, but an important force driving the evolution of international political and economic pattern. Currently, the BRICS cooperation mechanisms are still immature and obvious differences exist among its member countries in such aspects as historical background, development mode and level, and foreign strategy. Due to the above differences, the BRICS countries have conflicting interests besides common interests. This project will compare and analyze the strategic interests of BRICS countries so as to identify their common interests and different ones. The project team will also probe the expectations of the five member countries for BRICS cooperation mechanisms in order to provide references for China’s participation and promotion of BRICS cooperation. The methodology that the project team has adopted is a combination of literature review and fieldwork, qualitative analysis and quantitative research.