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China-Japan-ROK Cooperation and East Asia Community Building

CIIS Time: Jul 26, 2012 Writer: Wang Qiang Editor: Office of Research Management

China-Japan-R.O.K. Cooperation and East Asia Community Building

CIIS Key Annual Research Project (2012)

Chairperson: Yu Shaohua

Duration: April 2012 to April 2014


Starting from the research on China-Japan-R.O.K. cooperation and in combination with the long-term thinking on China’s East Asia strategy, this project aims at exploring the theoretical framework and practical paths for promoting the Chinese version of “East Asia Community”. The project is composed of six parts, namely, the new developments, challenges and opportunities of East Asia cooperation; Japan’s and R.O.K.’s regional cooperation strategies; the impact of China-Japan-R.O.K. economic cooperation on the East Asia Community building; China-Japan-R.O.K. security cooperation and the East Asia Community building; the attitudes of the United States, India and other countries outside the region toward the East Asia Community; the East Asia Community building in China’s perspective – new situation, new concept and new path.