No.31 November/December 2011

中国国际问题研究 | 作者: 姜志达 | 时间: 2012-03-20 | 责编: 姜志达
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Editor’s Note      3

China Will Unswervingly Follow the Path of Peaceful Development

Dai Bingguo 4

G20: Options for Institutional Transition and Prospects

Yang Jiemian 12

The Implications of Changes in the Middle East and North Africa

Dong Manyuan 33

Current Economic and Security Situation in Central Asia and Its Impacts on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Pan Guang 54

The Implications of New Thinking in Turkish Diplomacy

Hu Shaocong 69

The Impact of the Rise of Emerging Economics on the Larger World Economy

Jiang Yuechun 83

On the US Debt Crisis and Its Possible Solutions

Li Xuelian & Wei Min 95

EU Pushing Forward an Economic and Trade Oriented China-EU Strategic Partnership

Jin Ling 114

The Trend of Ukraine’s Foreign Policy under the Yanukovych Administration

Li Ziguo 132

Evolution of China’s Taiwan-related Foreign Policy and Its Main Features and Causes (1949-2007)

Guo Zhenyuan 153