Associate Research Fellows





Main Research Fields:Asian and African affairs; Energy issues;

Economic diplomacy

Language Fluency: English



Mr. WANG Wei has been associated with China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) since 1988. He is an associate research fellow specialized in Asian and African studies as well as energy research. He served as Second Secretary and Consul in Chinese Consulate-General in the Zanzibar, Tanzania from 1999 to 2002. From 1988 to1999, he was a researcher at China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation. He has published hundreds of articles on international issues. Mr. Wang received his MA (1988) and BA (1985) in International Relations from Sun Yat-sen University, China.


Selected Research Articles in Chinese:

1.“An Outline of Petroleum Development in the Middle East”, Economic Analysis of Petroleum & Chemical Industry, No.3, 2011.

2.“EAC Development and Cooperation between China & EAC”, Asia & Africa Review, No.3, 2010.

3.“An Analysis of Investment in African Petroleum Industry”, Economic Analysis of Petroleum & Chemical Industry, No.2, 2010.

4.“The Background and Impact of U.S. New Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategy”, World Military, No.6, 2009.

5.“The Measures India Taken to Keep Economic Stability”, Economic Research Reference, No.9, 2009.

6.“Features of Indian Economic Diplomacy”, The Contemporary World, No.4, 2008.

7.“African Petroleum Market Development and Competition Policy”, Sino-Global Energy, February, 2008.

8.“Features of Rapid Development of Sino-U.S. Exchanges in Financial Area”, Finance Economics, Feb. 2008.

9.“Future Development of NEPAD”, West Asia & Africa, No.6, 2002.

Selected Commentaries in Chinese

1.“Economic Cooperation among SCO Member Countries Fruitful”,China Economic Times, June 14, 2011.

2.“Challenges ahead of American Economic Recovery”,Hong Kong Wen Hui Daily,Apr.29, 2011.

3.“Where Does al Qaeda Go after the Removal of Bin Laden”, Global Business and Finance, No.6, 2011.

4.“Libya’s Civil War Will Last for Some Time”, Global Business and Finance, No.6, 2011.

5.“Cooperation between China and South Africa under the Framework of BRICs”, Global Business and Finance, No.4, 2011.

6.“Egyptian Government Changes Capturing the Attention of Arab World”,Global Business and Finance, No.3, 2011.

7.“Key To New International Financial Order Lies in Better Financial Governance”, China Youth Daily, Feb.12, 2011.

8.“The Reason for Stockpiling of Sovereign Debt in Western Countries”,Hong Kong Wen Hui Daily, Jan.21, 2011.

9.“Common Interests is the Cornerstone of Sino-U.S. Relations”,China Economic Times, Jan.13, 2011.

10.“Regarding China’s Policy Towards Group of 20”,China Economic Times, Nov.16, 2010.

11.“Changing Pattern of Global Financial Market”, China Economic Times, Aug.26, 2010.

12.“How Does U.S. Ensure the Energy Security and Save Energy”, China Economic Times, Aug.3, 2010.

13.“Sino-Africa Cooperation Promotes African Economic Development”,China Economic Times, June 22, 2010.

14.“Cooperation among China, Russia and DPRK in the Far East”, China Economic Times, March 2, 2010.

15.“Direction of Obama’s Energy Policy”,China Economic Times, July 9, 2009.

16.“G20 London Summit and Meeting the Challenge of Financial Crisis”, China Youth Daily, March 28, 2009.